Wednesday, December 31, 2014

FitCOIN™ aka KarmaCOIN™

FitCOIN™ aka KarmaCOIN™
(Metaphorical currency Counter Fitting value through effort, choice and voice)
Invest in yourself, family, friends, community and our future.
Take charge of change through choice.
Purposeful effort can produce value, building strength and wisdom leading to greater happiness, wellness and prosperity.
One ex
ample: Bank a simple workout a day, whether in the gym or from home, a few sets in your free time.... sublime.
We cannot compile gains and we face opportunity cost for delay to every lost day. It's never too late, yet also never too early to start.
I suggest pushups, body-weight squats and leg lifts.
Free and Easy. More importantly, nutrition is key to maintaining or gaining a basic, functional fitness level of health.
Wean off unnecessary sugars and focus more on protein and green. Healthy nutrition will begin to regulate portion control on its own when junk food is cut out of diet.  Burn it to earn it.
Find positive alternatives to replace vice with value however, prosperity is a spectrum and we all have to choose what suits us.
We cannot help those who do not want to help themselves, all we can do is shine bright and share light, welcoming others to share our light as we shine bright together.
The vast majority of us are great people with good intentions, some may be seeking a little direction and we can forge the path to prosperity together.
Hope to take this journey together.

Happy New Year's Eve

- Counter Fitness